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1) Temporal Trends in PCI thru DES era: Insights from 18,641 procedures performed over 12 years.  Landes, et al. CCI 2018;92:E262 - E270


  • Patient demographic changes over 12 years - statistical significant growth shown with Age, Octogenarians, CKD., hemoglobin, creatinine, moderate to severe LVD, and urgent presentation (see attached graphic)

  • Highlights the changing patient demographic and risk of post procedure complications including AKI.  Supporting use of thresholds and contrast management as a resource in these complex procedures.

2) Tsai, et al. Contemporary Incidence, Management, and Long-Term Outcomes of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions for Chronic Coronary Artery Total Occlusions: Insights From the VA CART Program. JACC: CV Interventions.  Specific to CTO’s with incidence of 20% patients having CKD in this complex patient population. 

  • CTO’s have become an increasingly common procedure to use DyeVert as part of a kidney care protocol even if pt. doesn’t have CKD pre-procedure due to co-morbidities, length and complexity of procedure, and known high use of contrast dye injected to patients.

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